Our Infrastructure

CIDP is headquartered in Mauritius with operating subsidiaries across four different countries worldwide (Brasil, India, Romania and Singapore), covering a total area of 4000m2, proposing 42 controlled examination rooms with the required equipment to accompany very specific clinical research needs, making CIDP a preponderant partner for the clinical development of your drug and medical device.  Within our facilities, we can undertake multi-centric trials from phase 1 (in dermatology) to phase 4 in several therapeutic areas.

In Mauritius, our activities incorporate an early stage discovery research facility, an in vitro Preclinical laboratory to better respond to the growing exigencies and demand of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro industries.  We harbor within our different clusters the required state-of-the-art equipment to be a strong ally from investigational research, preclinical testing to clinical trials. 

Over the years, CIDP Research & Innovation has double its extraction capacity and consolidated a natural product laboratory dedicated to the screening of extracts derived from local resources and capable of performing bioassay-guided fractionation and purification for discovery and characterisation of novel active molecules. Our Preclinical department shelter a BSL-2 cell culture laboratory (under accreditation for GLP) equipped with IVD flow cytometer, automated imaging system, transdermal diffusion cell and multi-mode plate readers and is capable of accommodating a wide variety of in vitro tests.   An ISO 17025-accredited modern analytical lab equipped with the latest technologies provides all the analytical solutions to meet both technical and quality exigencies. Furthermore, a BSL3 microbiological laboratory designed following the WHO recommendations confers the perfect setting for required microbiological testing and custom made researches.

With our high-technological set up, CIDP can be your premium partner and your one-stop solution for both product evaluation and product development.