CIDP has participated in the last Sun Protection & Anti-ageing Skin Care Conference Asia 2016 held on 13 - 14 July at the Hilton Hotel, Singapore. It was the company's first conference participation in the Asia-Pacific region.An internationally- recognized CRO in the dermocosmetics and pharmaceutical sector, CIDP has over 12 years of experience in clinical research, and a strong expertise in photobiology. Due to its geographical location, CIDP has developed a whole line of research in photobiology, and conducts regular studies on tanning, melanoma and cancer.CIDP Group was represented by Muzzammil Hosenally, Head of Data Management & Biostatistics, who has delivered a presentation on the topic of ‘Factors Affecting SPF Results’.Muzzammil’s presentation was focused on the potential effect of demographic factors on the results of SPF determination. Through simple descriptive statistics and linear regression techniques performed on data gathered from several studies conducted across CIDP centres, he explored potential relationships between one’s inherent characteristics and SPF results. More precisely, he investigated the influence of the individual baseline subject characteristics, namely skin color (colorimetric measurements), age, gender, and phototype on the individual SPF results.With more than five years of experience at both industry level and academia, Muzzammil Hosenally has worked on numerous projects, and has had the opportunity to apply statistics in various fields, including Insurance, Market Research, Public Health, and Clinical Trials. Since joining CIDP in 2012, he has contributed to the success of more than 250 clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas for the group.

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  • 16 April 2021 CIDP Romania provides tailor-made services to substantiate your anti-acne claims!
  • 12 April 2021 CIDP has set up novel methodologies to test the antiviral efficacy of cosmetic products.
  • 19 February 2021 CIDP Romania is now Research Tax Credit accredited!

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