CIDP is renowned for its competence in research development related to diabetes treatment


The number of people affected by diabetes is rising at such a rate, it is now a global pandemic. It was estimated in 2011 that 366 million people worldwide have been affected by diabetes. By 2030 this figure is expected to rise to 552 million people. Diabetes is also a growing concern in Mauritius. In 2010, Mauritius had the fourth highest prevalence of diabetes in the world.

The prevalence of Diabetes has increased by 64% among men and 62% among women over the past 22 years. In the population group of 25 years and over, approximately 52,000 Individuals have diabetes whereas in the population group of 45 years and over 42,000 individuals have diabetes. It has been noted that amongst Mauritian adults aged 45 years and over, approximately 1 in 2 people have diabetes, or have a high risk of developing it. The high prevalence rate of diabetes in Mauritius can be depicted in the table below:

CIDP is today renowned for its competence in research development related to diabetes treatment. At CIDP, we aim at contributing at changing the future of diabetes and alleviating this growing health concern in Mauritius. We aim at achieving this by bringing high quality research in Mauritius thereby making more innovative treatments available for patients to benefit from.


Ref : 1. Explaining the Increase of Diabetes Prevalence and Plasma Glucose in Mauritius
Dianna J. Magliano, PHD, Stefan Söderberg, PHD, Paul Z. Zimmet, FRACP, Lei Chen, MSC, Noorjehan Joonas, PHD, Sudhir Kowlessur, DIP PUB HEALTH ADMIN, Jose Larhubarbe, BSCI(STATS), Dhanunjaye Gaoneadry, DIP MANAGEMENT, Vassen Pauvaday, FRCP, Jaakko Tuomilehto, MD, K. George M.M. Alberti, FRCP, andJonathan E. Shaw, FRACP

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