Our Values

Our CIDP core principles when performing clinical research are working ethically and with integrity.


Protect the rights of the volunteers/patients in accordance with the ethical principles of the International Conference on Harmonization guidelines for Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP)

Promote and safeguard the health and wellbeing of volunteers/patients participating in trials in line with the declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association

Perform clinical trials in strict compliance to guidelines of the ICH-GCP 

Perform Research according to the Core Values: Honesty, Integrity and Accountability


Deploy Quality at all levels of the company through our Quality Management System 

Exceed customer expectation with respect to commitment, quality, reactivity and competitiveness 

Ensure employee development by training our staff so that they acquire necessary skills to perform their activities to the highest quality standards

Strive to work according to a continual improvement approach

Ensure high quality results by adhering to Good Laboratory Practices

Abide to all applicable national regulations and statutory requirements


At CIDP, we are passionate about our work and are committed to delivering quality whilst remaining reactive to client requests. 

We can only achieve this by working with the right people and placing a lot of emphasis on employee training. Our aim is that every CIDP employee works towards service excellence and a continual improvement approach. 

We are dedicated to service excellence through our Quality Management System, Quality Standards and Procedures. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2007. We are regularly audited by external auditors and by our clients. 


Confidentiality is crucial in our line of business. Information relating to any study, project and client is kept strictly confidential at CIDP. We use information relating to people in an appropriate manner. This information is only used when necessary for the conduct of the business. Personal information is protected from misuse in order to prevent harm to individuals. For instance, the leakage of personal data can lead to issues such as discrimination, damage to reputation and personal dignity. A confidentiality/non-disclosure clause is included in each employee’s work contracts restricting their ability to disclose the names of CIDP clients externally. 


There is a zero tolerance approach in place for Fraud or Corruption at CIDP. Fraud is a violation of the standard codes of conduct and ethical behavior in scientific research and corruption can take many forms namely: conflicts of interest, taking or offering bribes, blackmail, frauds among others. We constantly raise awareness among staff and partners concerning this matter. Any employee or person acting contrary to the interests of CIDP and abuses his/her position of trust in order to gain some personal advantages or provide an unjustified advantage/disadvantage to another person will be severely sanctioned.


Our employees are essential for our success. 

We make sure that they work according to the best Health and Safety practices and to local legal requirements. We provide them with appropriate protective equipment and with the necessary trainings to ensure their safety.


At CIDP, we care about the environment. 

We are committed to a sustainable development approach by ensuring that we implement measures to protect our environment. These can range from simple measures such as paper recycling to measures such as raising employee awareness, reducing electricity consumption and working within a building bearing energy saving components.