CIDP Research & Innovation

  • Innovative Protocols

    Since 2016, CIDP has embarked on an innovation mission within the cosmetic industry with the set up of its Biophysics Department. Instead of waiting for cosmetic companies to come up with study designs, CIDP is actively developing and proposing various study protocols to answer to the cosmetic industry’s quest for new cosmetic claims such as Anti-Pollution, Blue Light Protection or Skin Microbiota Friendly. Read more
  • Research Activities

    CIDP R&I is particularly attentive to the Human – Plant relationship and via our activities, value will be added to this nexus through research and development. Since our incorporation in Mauritius in 2009, our research activity has been focused on plants and their potential application in the field of cosmetic, nutrition and therapy. Read more
  • Products & Services

    There is unquestionably a high and ever increasing demand for cosmetic ingredients and novel drugs from natural sources (especially terrestrial and aquatic Flora). We provide a wide range of products and services to support and meet the demands of our clients in research and innovative product development.Read more