Frequently Asked Questions

CIDP gives you the right answers to your frequently asked questions.

Where will you sell your products?

Depending on the region where you wish to market your product, there will be varying demands on the testing of the product in order to substantiate the claims as well as the safety. Consider the region you wish to market so we can advise you on the adequate testings. 

What are the claim(s) that you wish to bring forward in your product?

The claims you are bringing forward will influence the tests required for the product. We can advise you on some particular claims; however it is important you give us the claims that need to be substantiated on your product for the marketing. 

What are the required tests?

The required tests will depend on the nature of the product and the claims you wish to substantiate. We will then advise tests according to the claims you wish to bring forward, then you can legally state the benefits of your product on the packaging, label, leaflet etc.