CIDP Biostats & Data, affiliate of the CIDP Group, is specialized in providing high quality service related to the management and analysis of data generated during clinical trials.

We specialize in the following non-exhaustive list Biostatistics related services namely:

  • Conduct of Statistical Analysis
  • Write up of Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
  • Sample Size Determination
  • Randomization
  • Conduct of Statistical Analyses
  • Validation of Tabular Results
  • Writing up of Statistical Analysis Report according to ICH guidelines (E9)


Our tools


IBM SPSS is a statistical analysis software program with unlimited capabilities, which makes data management and preparation a lot easier as it has all the products one needs for complete analysis. It includes a variety of statistical tests and procedures. Research analysis has not only become faster but also more accurate and reliable. SPSS has been accepted as a standard quality software program throughout the world.




Statistical Analytical System (SAS) is one of the rare tools offering a complete solution that covers the life cycle of a product, starting from its discovery, moving to the development and marketing and beyond.